Monday, 13 February 2012

The exciting escapades of Veggie Soc

Today, we had a Veggie Soc stall at the union as part of a Transition University event, which is about making the uni greener. We had various yummy recipes and leaflets to hand out, including one for Meat Free Monday, which seems to me a good stepping stone between enjoying veggie food and "I couldn't possibly be veggie all the time so I won't do it at all!", though it did have an odd information/Paul McCartney photo ratio. But anyway, as if that wasn't exciting enough, we were also selling Swedish choco-balls for 10p, along with a little recipe card. We first made them for the international food tasting event last week and they proved so popular that we thought we'd do them again, and now you can too...

Unfortunately, I was too busy buying and eating them to take a photo...
Oops That's supposed to read 2 tbsp water OR coffee.

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