Friday, 22 July 2011

Emma has some more adventures in Nottingham

Whilst I was back in Nottingham, I met up with Anna and her friend Katy in the city centre. Oddly enough, seeing Anna in Nottingham wasn't strange at all; it was far stranger when I saw her new house in Leeds. I mean, I'm allowed to move out of halls and into a house, but my flat mates can't! That's just too weird. But anyway, back to Nottingham... We went to the Alley Cafe, which is just off Market Square (down an alley way, if you'd believe it) and is one of the coolest places ever. Not only are their toilets labelled 'brothers' and 'sisters', but they also make some really yummy veggie food (and they have a recipe section on their website, if you're interested). The best of all was the chocolate biscuit cake. Yes, I'll say that again; (vegan) chocolate+biscuit+cake with Swedish Glace ice cream. Mmm, I think it might actually have been a little slice of heaven.

Super-yummy Alley Cafe cake

Also, later that day, I went to listen to my friend Gerrard play at an open mic night. If truth be told, this doesn't have a whole lot to do with cake. However, if you've ever seen 'Scott Pilgrim', you'll know that all vegans have super powers. Well, Gerrard's are guitar-related. He's amazing! And you should definitely listen to him.

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