Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wholefood and fair trade shops in Santiago de Compostela

This is a continuation of my blog about moving to Santiago. I hope it will be useful for anyone looking for veggie/vegan/ethical food in Santiago.

- Setem Amarante
A fair trade shop on Rúa de San Pedro. As well as key cake making ingredients such as chocolate, cocoa and sugar, they have useful food too such as rice and wholegrain cous cous (which I didn't even know existed).

- Triskel
A wholefood shop on Rúa de San Pedro which has great tofu, much firmer than any I've found at home. Also the only soya cream I've seen anywhere.

- 'Entre Lusco e Fusco' (twilight) market
My flatmates told me about this market, which takes place on Tuesday evenings in Belvís park. It's quite small but has bread, fruit and vegetables, a wholefood stall, a fairtrade stall and various jams. I think there were some meats, too.

- 'Mercado de Abastos' market
This market is on the edge of the old town and has all kinds of fruit, vegetables, pulses and beans. It takes place every day 9-2 ish but is bigger on Saturdays. I've heard that it's a good place to buy tofu and seitan, but I haven't found any yet. There was a stall called EquiSol which was a fair trade stall we also saw at the market in Belvís park. It had a good mix of luxury foods/gifts and every day foods and drinks too.

- Equisol
They also have a shop which sells lots of different foods, gifts and really nice cards which I've seen in a few other places too.

- Ecocentro
A health food shop just round the corner from the cathedral. They have lots of cereals and dried pulses.

- Panxea
This shop sells local foods and fair trade things too. They had some really tasty looking dark chocolate coated orange.

- Comarca 54 shop

This is an eco-friendly shop which sells a very wide range of foods, including soya ice cream! Probably the biggest range of veggie/organic/health foods that I've seen. They have a little cafe in the front and there used to be a restaurant on the other side of town, but that closed down.

- Others 

There are also health food shops in the Area Central shopping centre (that one's quite small), on Rúa do Castro in the old town (even smaller) and on Rúa de El Salvador (that one's fairly big, although not as big as Comarca 54).

Alcampo (a giant supermarket in the Area Central shopping centre) also has a big range of organic/vegetarian/vegan/allergy suitable foods.

On Rúa das Galeras there's a shop called 'Eco Casa', although I've never been in so I don't know if they sell food.

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