Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Trip to Ireland

This summer, I went to Ireland. (It was actually a couple of months ago now, which shows how behind I am with blogging...) Anyway, I'd always wanted to go, so it was pretty exciting, and it involved cake, so even better! We spent some time in Killarney, at one of the National Parks...

Uprooted trees in Killarney National Park

Ross castle, full of steep stairs and old furniture, on the shores of Lough Leane

We then went to Caherciveen and camped in the coolest campsite I've ever been to which was right by the sea and had a kitchen, dining room and living room with a fire and everything. The people who ran it were also really friendly, and they had two really cool cats.

View of Mannix Point campsite... One day when it wasn't raining!

I'm sure this is nicer than the kitchen in the house I lived in last year!

We went on walks to see ruined castles, stone forts and were right near the Skellig islands, famous for the 6th century monastery, vast amounts of wildlife and lighthouses.

Ballycarberry castle

Inside Cahergall stone fort

View from Skellig Michael. See how white Little Skellig looks- they're birds!

Then lastly we went back to Dublin to catch the ferry home again and whilst there, finally had some cake.

Chocolate/lime and lemon/cashew cake. It was delicious!

The cake was from a vegetarian wholefood restaurant called Cornucopia, which looked a bit expensive, but their cake was excellent.

I had so many great photos from Ireland, that I thought it'd be nice to share those too, hence the increase in the number of photos from normal. What a surprise; it turns out that I do take photos of something other than cake after all!

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