Friday, 27 April 2012

Vegan cake quest

So in case you hadn't noticed by now, I quite like cake; baking cake, eating cake, talking about cake, blogging about cake, dreaming about cake, seeking out places to eat cake... And the last one is exactly what this post is about.

The first such place is the Peach and Pear café in Leeds (Hyde Park). As well as having a wide array of super tasty and well priced vegan (and non-vegan) burgers, delicious smoothies and being run by a really genuine, friendly guy, they also sometimes have vegan cake from That Old Chestnut. In case I've not mentioned before, I love their cake! Especially the liquorice one. Nyom nyom nyom.
Coffee and walnut cake (I forgot to take a picture til it was nearly gone...)

The second place is the Flying Goose café in Nottingham (Beeston). The Flying Goose café is friendly, vegetarian, and they make their own cake, some of which is vegan! And super tasty!

Cake and crumble

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  1. Yummy! That cake looks good! I have to remember the name of that café!! Thanks!