Friday, 27 April 2012

Emma and Emma go to Belgium

Over Easter, I went to Brussels with my Swedish friend Emma. Mostly we're friends after bonding over thinking each other's name is amazing, but we also have a shared love of houmous and carrots. Belgium is well known for beer, chips and chocolate, so we were pretty excited, mostly about the chocolate. But then I remembered... I'm vegan! So no chocolate for me... Nooo! But it turned out that I needn't have worried; there was plenty that was vegan...

It's not all for me... Honestly!

As well as chocolate, you'll also see Speculoos spread (like peanut butter but with biscuits instead of peanuts) and a leaflet from the Chocolate Museum.

In our adventures around Belgium, we also found a Scandinavian shop where we bought chocolate and oat snacks like I made for Veggie Soc last term.

We couchsurfed whilst we were there and for the second half of our stay were hosted by our new friends Brieuc and Heloise. We had great fun with them, eating tasty food, baking cakes, playing card games and getting a tour round their town Nouvain-la-Neuve, a really interesting place. It's by a lake, was founded by students and is built on a platform in a valley. There are no cars there, though there is a car park under the whole city.

Basically, our trip to Belgium was amazing...!

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